Polychrome Light

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Add some colour to your room with this one of a kind Polychrome Light. A stylishly innovative lightbulb design light to create imaginatively colourful LED lighting displays, the Polychrome Light is a moodlight to add joy and wonder to any room. Made from transparent lightbulb shaped plastic fins on a chrome base, the phasing LEDs project intersecting colour shadows on to walls and surfaces, creating a vibrant, cascading lighting display. The light is touch on/off, so simply press down on the light to start the phasing display. The light can be pressed a second time to stop on any particular colour, and then pressed a third time to switch the unit off. The 22cm tall (approx 8.65in) Polychrome Light is dual powered by battery or USB.

The product comes complete with a micro USB cable included, or can alternatively be powered by using 3 x AAA batteries (batteries not included). Offering a brilliantly designed, colourfully creative visual display, the Polychrome Light is a great alternative lighting gift, perfect for anyone who likes their lighting to be a little bit more imaginative.