Marvel Avengers Trivia Quiz

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Find out who wears the cape in your household with the ultimate quiz on the Marvel Universe. A challenging, fun quiz to play with friends and family, the Marvel Trivia Quiz contains 50 question cards to stump and bamboozle even the most die hard Avengers fan. So if you think you know your Asgardian Gods from your Titanian Eternals, put that knowledge to the test with the Marvel Trivia Quiz. Do you know the real life billionaire who was the inspiration for Iron Man alter ego Tony Stark? And can you name Loki's famous Avenger sibling? Challenge yourself and others with the quiz that's sure to separate the heroes from the sidekicks in the Marvel Universe. Featuring questions on all your favourite Marvel heroes, including Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, Loki, Thanos and more, this is a great fun way to show off what you know and maybe even pick up a few new facts too. As well as 50 question cards (each with the correct answer included directly underneath the question), the Marvel Trivia Quiz also comes with an instruction leaflet included. This is a pick up and play quiz game that is the perfect gift for any Marvel fan.