Gentleman's Club Drinking Game Bar Mats & Beer Coasters

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Gentleman's Club Drinking Game is a feature set of 30 bar coasters chock full of endless fun to get the party started.

The Gentlemen's Club has guided many a young man to the upper echelons of society through its array of helpful drinking devices, games and the occasional piece of attire all designed to make a chap stand out from the masses.

This popular collection looks to lend a helping hand to aspiring young gentlemen! Thirty high quality beer coasters each containing the rules for a different drinking game.


  • Thick, durable and loaded with heaps of games.
  • Complete set of 30 bar coasters.
  • Designed to break the ice and start conversations.
  • Never get bored - hours of fun.
  • Ideal party gift for adult friends and co-workers!