Flamingo Ice Stirrers

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A cool and stylish two in one combo, this is a pretty-in-pink solution to your drink stirring needs.
An ice cube tray with a difference, the Flamingo Ice Stirrers are a great way to add a bit of tropical colour to your drinks, as well as providing the perfect stirrer to mix your flavours in sophisticated style. Ideally suited for long drinks, the Flamingo Ice Stirrers are perfect for highball glasses and cocktails. 
With the flamingoes in the ice cube tray, simply pour water into the vacant blocks, just like any standard ice tray and place in the freezer. The water will then freeze around the feet of the flamingoes, meaning when placed in a drink the bird will stand upright, both cooling your drink and acting as a convenient stirrer. A set of four, the Flamingo Ice Stirrers are a great party gift, ensuring everyone has a cool, elegant drinks stirrer in their glass.
The Flamingo Ice Stirrers can be washed after use and used again and again, making these the perfect drink cooling gift.